Michele LeBlanc-Piche

Jewelry Artisan  |  Intuitive Artist  |  Creative Facilitator
About my Jewelry 

“I have enjoyed wearing Michele’s beautiful jewelry for years and her work amazes and inspires me. I love the uniqueness of each piece, and the fact that each of the stones are hand selected and impart a particular energy. She has even made custom pieces for me. Wearing a piece of her jewelry feels truly special.” - Lisa, North Carolina 

About my Paintings

“The painting of “Hands of Hope” for Mother Earth jumped out at me as another beautiful artistic expression Michele shares with all of us. I am blessed to have her as a soul sister, a mentor, and as a woman who has bloomed like a lotus flower. Michele’s expressions of art through her heart are a blessing to all of us.” - Donna, New Hampshire 

About my Creative Workshops

“Intuitive painting is deep art. It engages the whole of one’s being as it brings to life, through paint, parts of the soul that are calling out to be recognized. It is a form of artistic spiritual guidance. As Michele leads her students through this process of discovery she is doing so from a position of deep caring. She is a true teacher, wanting the very best for her students. I had never painted before and at the end of my sessions, had a portrait of what I instantly recognized as a piece of my soul. Thank you Michele, for your devotion to being an artistic midwife, for engaging souls through paint.” – Barb, Virginia